What I do

User profiling

Identify potential users of your product or service and their needs.

UX design review

Fast and efficient. Let a fresh pair of eyes review your designs from your user’s perspective.

UX & Usability testing

Ensure that your product or service is usable and delivers an amazing experience that will last in memory.

Concept testing

Validate your concept with potential users. Finetune the wow-effect of your proposition.

UX research strategy

Build your roadmap to a successful product or service by planning at what stages of development you collect feedback and test your ideas.

What others say

“In 2015 we were developing an innovative service for our clients. Hester helped us validate or hypotheses and test our solutions. What made her unique in doing so was her fast and pragmatic way of working, in comparison with her thoroughness and quality. She knows how to get research done right and is willing to invest in getting there. Next to this, Hester empowers others to perform studies themselves. We have learned a lot about our new services as well as doing research.”

Validating a business support tool Sander Klopper, Product Owner, ING

“Hester helped us setup an intensive usability study. Thanks to her we were able to give our users a determining vote in our selection process for a BI tool. Subsequently, she made a valuable contribution with regard to how to best incorporate the results in the decision making process. This allowed us to make the best choice.”

Comparing the UX of BI tools Rolf van den Bremer, Chapter lead One Analytics, ING

How I work


Any test we conduct with users should fit within your sprintplanning. By talking to less people, more often your team can remain productive.


In the end, research is only useful if it helps you move forward. In my experience you will find the results you’re looking for when you and your team are strongly involved. I can facilitate your involvement and getting your team engaged with end-users.


No massive reports, but a continuous involvement of you and your team. Together we draw the most important conclusions, assess their impact on development and prioritize next steps.


I use research methodologies that are based on observation rather than opinion. I mostly conduct qualitative research which not only tells you what people do, but also why.

Are you looking to get to know your users? Send me a message and let's see how we can collaborate.